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Personal post |Week 1A|

Welcome back… Some things i have been up to are: Netball- I did training today and i really worked hard we had to do one lap of the oval, 3 suicides in 2 minuets, also we had to run up… Continue Reading →

About Emily :)

Hi…This week i have been up to some pretty neat stuff want to find out? read more!!       Netball Wednesday night netball… I step onto court with a really mean umpire! she yells “GIRLS LISTEN, NAILS PLEASE”  she… Continue Reading →

Yr 5 & 6 sport

On 11/6/2015, we did yr 5 and 6 sport unfortunately we didn’t get to play against another school so we made some teams up and…. my team won witch was great, I had lots of fun too! It was a… Continue Reading →


last night I went to my dads soccer game, he started the game being off, then he got really tird  when he got on the court he started to feel really tired so he want off for about five minutes…. Continue Reading →

jump rope for heart!

Today all of the year 5s helped out with jump rope for heart at the gym! It was lots  of  fun! we had the year 2s,first I helped out with the partner skipping and then I had to help out… Continue Reading →


On 14/5/2015 we did yr 5 and 6 sport, I played soccer with my twin brother his friends and one of my best friend. the team we lost against was Montpellier, we lost sadly the were a really really good… Continue Reading →


On 16/04/2015  we  had a Volley stars winter championship it was tough for our team but we came up after all, It was a fun match, at the end with Geelong college 1 ( witch was my team) against Geelong college 2, At… Continue Reading →

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