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Today in scratch, we did scratch evaluations, I did Evie, Ellie, and Sam… I got the scratch evaluations that were done on me and the feed back is down below. My new Scratch Game.. My new scratch game is about, well… Continue Reading →


Today in scratch, I have almost finished the forth level of my new game, super jump, I learnt how to make the same sprite but moving them slightly, its really easy, for example, a guy running, he would look like… Continue Reading →


In scratch this week, I have been working on a new game called supero jumpo, I have had trouble with a part witch is very important to the game because it makes that character(basket-ball) move/jump, so I had trouble with the… Continue Reading →

Scratch w/ the year 2’s

On the 21 of august, All of the year 5’s went down to junior school, and went to the year 2 classrooms we split up  5b and half of 5c went into Mrs. Ogston and the other half of 5c and 5a went to… Continue Reading →

Scratch! 2

Today I have been working on a project on a website called scratch, I have two games, one is a maze game with a 2 race tracks, and two mazes, I have now learnt, that when you touch a certain… Continue Reading →


In scratch I have been making a game, it is a maze game well until you get to the third level, then its a sort of racing game! first off I had to try and make the character move, so… Continue Reading →

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