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In this session scratch, I did an animation, it was a dancing animation and I had lots and lots of the same, to make the people dance at the same you go when (flag) clicked then under that you put forever, then… Continue Reading →

R0b0tics evaluation

Today in robotics, we got evaluated on our program, Emma and I worked as a team and made the same program. Our program was follow single black line, it did work but because we put tank wheels on it didn’t… Continue Reading →


Today in robotics, we found out that our robot wasn’t working, we don’t know but we think that one of the wheels weren’t in the right place or something, but so lucky Emma (who is in our group) fixed it which… Continue Reading →


Today in R0botics I have tried to start a new one but the bad thing is again that it doesn’t work!… The boys in our group (Sam/henry) shut it down and charged it which was really helpful because it wasn’t… Continue Reading →


Today in robotics I finished my program, But it didn’t work :(…..well it didn’t go onto the actual robot, I kept trying, but it took a long time so I went back onto the computer and started a new program I wanted it… Continue Reading →

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