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pulleys and chains

There are 30 pulleys and 24 chains, they need to be packed in to equal size boxes, but cannot me mixed. How many items might be in each box? Can you find 3 or more answers? to also work it… Continue Reading →


Today in maths we did a activity where you can make up you own three digit number, and write down as many combinations as u can, my first combination was 123 and I only came up with 18! After that we… Continue Reading →


Maths Today in maths we did a game called: Just Gridding. We had to roll a die and what ever number is on the die you put it in the grid, when you are done you add it up with a calculator from the… Continue Reading →


Today in maths we did battleships, I was defeated. By a computer person, it was a close game I had lots of fun! I played lots more games and only won once!

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