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#Production || Week 7A || Term 4

Hey guys, this is my #Production post. i have had many successes for this iProject, camilla and i have been quit organised. Some of the success we have had are… Creating the shotlist Getting all the ingredients planned when we… Continue Reading →

#Planning || iProject || Term 4

Hey guys, Quick update camilla and i are changing what we are making. Instead of making a the stuffed pretzel cookie, we are going to make cake pops instead, but we are still keeping the chocolate milkshake. #Planning For this… Continue Reading →

Choice day reflection

On the 15/9/2016, We had choice day, There were different activities, on a page and you had to number them from 1-6. My first choice was mosaic madness, (and i got that activity) where we create a mosaic of something… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 9A || Term 3

Hey guys, This week i am doing a reading log, and i will be sharing my learning with you.  Book: Parvana Task: Book Advertisement: Design and write an advertisement for your book. You may choose the type of advertisement – a… Continue Reading →

Yr 6

This is the starter page for yr 6 🙂

The big thing #2

Today we did robotics but we actually did “THE BIG THING” The only thing that was difficult today, was that it was we had to glue a tube to another part and when we put it together, I tried it once and… Continue Reading →


Today in robotics, our group PER fect, started making the hello, we also got the pipe and the pole sorted, the problem is that the pole isn’t stable enough and we are not allowed to use sticky tape so our… Continue Reading →

cre8 project

In year 8, students did a cre8 project, lots of paintings, crafting, cooking etc, they have a few terms to think, create, and show, so the whole of year 5 went over to yr 8 and had a look at… Continue Reading →

Maker Day

On 16/09/2015, for the year fives it was maker day. We had four sections, Decision Maker, Bottle Rockets, Solar Boats, Racing Cars, for my first one I was in the Racing Car group, First of all Mr. McKie had to explain… Continue Reading →

LEGO education!

On 16/06/2015 All of the year 5’s went to Melbourne, at Melbourne we went to a LEGO education center where we did lego projects! my first one was Billy carts, then after that we had to do solar things witch was a… Continue Reading →

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