Hey guys, this is my #feedback post for my iProject 😉

Here are some questions i am going to answer..

What do other people think of what you have done for your project?

When camilla and i shared our iProject, they thought the editing was good (Except for a few typos) They also thought the cake pops looked alright, some thought that maybe we should remake them because they didn’t look as appetizing..

What did you do to improve your project based on this feedback?

Almost each group had some feedback for me to take on, this was helpful because then the final product would be better, i could definitely see the mistakes that the audience pointed out. Which was helpful for me, when i do my final editing.

The top one was expanding the time of the writing, on the screen. I guess it was just to fast for people to read…          Here is some of the feedback i received..

  1.  Make the slides longer (Where the writing is shown)
  2. There was a typo, saying “the” instead of “then”
  3. I couldn’t see the writing, because of the background…
  4. The music was a little too loud..
  5. U could change the music at the start, because it’s the same as the actual film it gets cut off, then starts all over again.