Hey guys, this is my #Editing post for my iProject 😉

by this point i have finished my first draft of my iProject.

for my start i used a blurred out photo with the caption (Emily and camilla’s iProject) (Im thinking of renaming it to how to make cakepops) This look really cool 😉

I used Corel as my editing software, and i think it works best, and does the job well.

It was hard trying to find the right music to set the mood, since i am doing cooking it has to be upbeat music, or faint music. i found a great song called trust nobody from selena, i think it matches perfectly with the video we are making ;))

Update: 27/11/16

When i watched my film again, i realized i hadn’t put my ingredients in! ahahah

So i went back onto corel and put in the ingredients. Also, Camilla and i didn’t realise we had to make a film about ‘How’ to make an iProject, we just made one. (Most of the class didn’t realise that..) So, instead of sharing our iProject on that day, we ended up making a whole other film on ‘How’ to make an iProject 😉

This didn’t take very long, although i had one challenge…Corel did not let me render the film! The program went black and said “Something went wrong, please start the program again”

I tried rendering it many, many times. It still would not let me… (At this point i was mad)

So the only thing i can do, is show it to everyone in corel. I hope that corel changes their attitude or its going down! ;)))