Hey guys, today I will be sharing with you my leaning for this week.


This week in English I finished my piece The meadow, I finally finished conferencing it and I now have to publish it, I was thinking of creating a tissue paper meadow with a patch in the middle for the writing to stick down. This isn’t the most creative way to publish this piece, but I will only be using a display folder not a box.


I have also started a piece about rain with Zoe, it consists of the rains perspective. We both have a seed about rain and we thought we could mix it up 😉

I also re-published a piece called solider and made it much more realistic. I published it by sticking a picture of a soldier near a sunset on some card board then putting tissue paper around the edge to make it more fun 😉



This week in inquiry we finished all of our filming and now we are editing it. When Mikayla’s group and my group joined we decided that Mikayla should do the editing because she knows more, and she could make the film better. In today’s inquiry session 6B had to go to their health class, so we had to be left with the editing. Mikayla is editing the film on a program called Adobe Premier, and Emily (Fry) and I don’t know how to use this program, so I solved this by doing my garden project and this time I started to figure out all of the prices. I decided to add some fairy lights to make it more me.

I also needed to re-publish my soldier piece, so I got a picture of a soldier and a sunset, and then I glued it on some card board with black and grey tissue paper on it to make it more special.

This idea was better than sticking it on a fake grass meadow with some red glitter as poppies, and with an unrealistic soldier to the side ;))

I was much happier with this idea.


This week in maths we have a new project. It’s called my life in numbers, it means creating a number sum to represent something, or to add up to something. My sum is how many days i have been alive, and how many days until i go to queens land. Obviously this will change by the next few days.