Hey guys, this is my learning post for this week 🙂


This week for group maths we are doing a class session, where we solve rpblems in our class. This weeks one was Tom was sitting in the seventh row. There is 10 to his left and 2 to his right, what number is his seat/desk?

I thought this problem was going to be much easier, the answer could have been 12, but it actually says in a grid there is an equal amount of number on each side, so 13×13. (169) To find my answer i did 13×7, but i couldn’t really figure that out so i did 10×7 (70) then 3×7 (21) so then i added them together which made 91. But that wasn’t right. so i read the question a few more time until it made sense. But i actually put 10 on the right and 2 on the left, so i had to start from the bottom, my answer then was 89.


This week in inquiry evie and i have been filming and doing our voice overs. When we went to check off our shotlist Mrs stafford thought it was a good idea if we joined groups with Emily fry and mikayla’s group. We thought that was a good idea too because then they future year 6’s don’t need to watch two separate films then can just watch the one.

Update: 15-11-16

Today we finished all of our voice overs, and now we will be doing all of our P.T.C.

Were there any challenges?

Definitely trying to say the sentence properly when doing a voiceover, it’s quite annoying when you have to keep re-doing them. I usually practice it, then do my voice over.

Also with the P.T.C it’s hard because i have to say such a long line, and it takes a while to perfect it. I had 10 takes on doing my P.T.C 😉


This week in writing i published my war, and meadow piece. I ended up making a long grass field with red glitter and two poppies on it, with a soldier next to the words. This shows where they fight and what resembles the war.

I also published and edited my meadow piece, it was very short and needed a lot of work. When i had my conference with Mr wade, he helped me a lot with sharing what i should put in my piece, he said to me the 4 senses (smell, hear, touch, taste) this was a great way to put lots of description into my piece, and for future pieces as well.

I also did another piece called Two tailed piece. This is a story about a girl stuck in a hallway and a beast is haunting her and try to eat her…