Hey guys, this is my #Production post.

i have had many successes for this iProject, camilla and i have been quit organised.

Some of the success we have had are…

  • Creating the shotlist
  • Getting all the ingredients
  • planned when we are catching up

We did have some difficulty with doing the shot list because i was very confused about the Hashtags (#discription #planning etc.)

Some other challenges was getting the right time to meet up, because last weekend i had my sister’s 18th birthday party, so we couldn’t do it last weekend. and it’s now week 3 so we might not have much time to edit it and make it look good… ;(

When filming its hard to know what you are saying when you have such a long line to say. And when you mess up one word u have to do it all again, luckily when camilla and i filmed we only had one re-take. Which is super good 😉