Hey guys, this is another one of my learning posts.

This week in algebra the whole class completed the worksheet, it was quite challenging I worked with Camilla, henry, sam and spencer, to complete the sheet, it had all the letters in the alphabet that had equations that we had to figure out to find the value of each letter, i thought it was quite challenging because of how you had to find numbers that match with the letter, the group that i was working with hasn’t really finished the work sheet. We need to do a few more questions then we should be finished.

This week in inquiry we started shotlist for our final film. Evie and I’s film is about how to do photography, leading lines and rule of thirds. Our shot list is very detailed and we work well together, maybe some distractions here and there….But we make sure the work gets done. We have not completed the whole shot list we still have a few sections left because we were still trying to find more facts about the two steps.

Here is our shot list so far…


This week in writers workshop i got two pieces finished and ready to publish, i had a conference with Mr wade (junior) about my two pieces, he gave me very good feedback and they definitely help them get better. My two pieces are called ‘War’ and ‘The meadow’ i originally had it as savanna but a savanna is just dirt and bush, and my piece is about fresh green grass and flowers, so that might not make any sense.
I have also started a new seed called rain. It’s about the rains perspective on how it falls onto the hard rock ground, lightly touch people’s noses. ;))