hey guys, this is my learning for this week.


This week in writing i had finished my war piece, i thinnk its going to be one of the best pieces i have ever made. I really like it, but i could maybe change the end, the start really hooks you..

I have also been working on a second piece from the seed fear, my first one was about a girl getting stuck in a creepy hallway and theres a scary creture haunting her, i will also start creating more writing pieces from seeds because i have lots and lots of seeds that i could use a draft for.

I have also finished my first draft of ‘Savanna’ A piece about a beautiful fresh savanna.. it’s ment to be a short poem, but maybe i could make it longer.


On the 1/11/16 we finished our zoo conservation film project. We had to submit it last Friday making sure we actioned all of our feedback.

The feedback i got was changing the music and maybe re-doing a voice over to make it much more clear, so i changed the music to a song that really sets the mood. I am really happy with my choice, here is some of the feedback….

  1. Your facts make a great impact – put maybe put the volume down on the music.
  2. Your pictures/Videos mach really well with your voice overs.
  3. I really like the facts you have – Maybe change the music, it doesn’t set the mood that well.
  4. You might need to change the music, it doesn’t really match.
  5. I really like the videos and photos you have.

We then watched all of the year 6’s final films and gave them positive feedback.

  • I really liked the music and the voiceovers. They were at a good volume. I also loved the footage – Harry Santa
  • I really like your footage Emily and your voice overs, there really clear – Phoebe
  • I really liked your images. it made me care about your animal. You had a strong and clear message. Great Job -Issy
  • Wow Emily your voice overs are great and very clear. Your music is very suitable. Good Job Emily!! – Aimee
  • I liked the music you put in the film. The voice overs were very clear and the message was strong. Harry Sadler
  • I like the start and your footage is really good. Your facts are great and the voice over are really good.-Emma


This week in maths we have been learning about shapes.

I went to a gru session that taught me how to find the area of a regular shape, they were 2D shapes with length and width, i learned that a = the area, so a= L+W (length + Width) cm2 (centre mentre square)

And in Algebra i finished my first work sheet, and moved onto the next one. This one is much more easier. The last one i had was finding what numbers equal the letters. I really get algebra, and solving them with my friends is a big help as well..