Hey guys, today i’m explaining to you my journey of the zoo conservation film.


For planning we had to decide what animal we would be giving our voice to, so we went onto the SOS (Save our speice) Website to look at the endangered animal list, i looked through and the orangutans caught my eye, i was in love with them. I definitely new i could give my voice to the orangutan. I then looked for some brilliant facts and made it into a script, for me the script took a long time. I was very stuck on the intro, i wanted the audience to feel something and to make them care about my animal.

The excursion:

Once we finished our scripts we moved on to the excursion, i was put in a group with all the people who did the orangutan. We went to the inclosure and there was 4 orangutans, 2 in the big outdoors inclosure, and 2 in the smaller one. I took lots of photos and videos of them making sure i had enough to use. We were also in time for the orangutan speech, with a man talking to us about the orangutans. I got some great facts that could help me in my script. Right there i did my P.T.C it was just outside of the outdoors enclosure, with the orangutans in the background. After that we went to look at other animals, such as Meerkats, seals, elephant, monkeys, giraffes, and many more.


We got to school and dumped all of our footage onto our computers, then started culling, editing and cutting our footage to make them perfect. I started to go through my footage and look for all the bad films/Pictures that i could delete, then i looked at my P.T.C and there was no audio! i couldn’t hear a thing ;(

I was so mad. But i ended up doing a green screen P.T.C and it went well. Im so glad it worked out. I also did my voice overs with the help of evie. She helped me put expression into the words and what i’m saying. I also tried to make them loud and clear. I also did them bit by bit so i wouldn’t fail. That helps a lot.


I then finished my first draft and it was time for feedback, i got some feedback to action which was great, the main one was changing the music, it didn’t set the mood very well, so i changed it to some indie pop music that was slow and calming and great for this type of film. Here is the positive feedback:

  1. Your facts make a great impact – put maybe put the volume down on the music.
  2. Your pictures/Videos mach really well with your voice overs.
  3. I really like the facts you have – Maybe change the music, it doesn’t set the mood that well.
  4. You might need to change the music, it doesn’t really match.
  5. I really like the videos and photos you have.

Positive feedback:
I got lots of great positive feedback which i was happy about, most people said the music set the mood well. And that my voice overs were very clear. Here is some of the positive feedback:

  • I really liked the music and the voiceovers. They were at a good volume. I also loved the footage – Harry Santa
  • I really like your footage Emily and your voice overs, there really clear – Phoebe
  • I really liked your images. it made me care about your animal. You had a strong and clear message. Great Job -Issy
  • Wow emily your voice overs are great and very clear. Your music is very suitable. Good Job Emily!! – Aimee
  • I liked the music you put in the film. The voice overs were very clear and the message was strong. Harry Sadler
  • I like the start and your footage is really good. Your facts are great and the voiceover are really good.-Emma
  • I really liked the music and the voiceovers. They were at a good volume. I also loved the footage – Harry Santa