Hey guys, this is my learning post.


This week in maths i completed my angles project. I had to start a new one because when i went to name the different angles they were all right angles, but i did find one with all different angles.

I also learned how to label my angles using letters. It helped a lot, i see it as another way of coding your work, like color coding, or coding it with numbers.


This week in writing i worked on my draft for my piece war. My publishing idea is making it like a old letter, from the wife. The sad thing is, is that she never hears back from the husband/soldier…(Because hes dead)

He died at war while they were invading Australia.

I also made another seed about apples, i felt like i didn’t have a seed to go with the poem i made when Mr wade was taking our class. I really wanted to brainstorm more on that piece.


This week in inquiry i finished my first draft of the SOS zoo film. We shared our films to most of the year 6’s and we also got feedback. I only need one thing to change about my film, and that was the music. I changed it to a very suitable type, slow, and calm.

I really liked my choice and it fits perfectly. Here is some of the feedback:

  1. Your facts make a great impact – put maybe put the volume down on the music.
  2. Your pictures/Videos mach really well with your voice overs.
  3. I really like the facts you have – Maybe change the music, it doesn’t set the mood that well.
  4. You might need to change the music, it doesn’t really match.
  5. I really like the videos and photos you have.