Hey guys, in this post i will be sharing my learning from this week to you.


Last week in maths we we assigned to do a project called angles, where we print off a picture of a cool house then look for different angles, like obtuse, reflex and acute angles. This week i finished my first project and soon onto the next one. I had a very nice house and i found 5-10 different angles (maybe more) I am also going to start a new one next mahs groups session. We also did a test on how much we knew on angles (Short test) and i thought i did pretty well, the only thing i struggled on was naming the different angles (Obtuse, Reflex and acute)


This week in inquiry we started to convert our footage and fix up our script, my script needed a lot of work. the only downer is that my voice over didn’t have any audio so you couldn’t hear what i was saying..so i tried converting it and i tried again and there was still no audio ;((

I also tried to get some footage from the K drive since i didn’t have much good footage, but i also got some off the internet.

This week in writing, i did speed writing. Speed writing is where you have to write down as many things as you can. it could be speed writing about an apple, or a bike..You have to get as many words down as you can.


We then had to write a poem about something. Using speed writing, I first wrote mine about an lemon, then i wrote 3 others…

  1. Death
  2. apple
  3. Book

The death one is about how it feels (i don’t actually know..) like bloody pouring out of my eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The apple one was easier because i had done it before an made a piece out of it, the book one was what a book felt like, Destroyed, used, lonely. Things like that.

I also did one about netball, it sort of failed though because i didn’t know what to write apart from speed, defense and attack, i also wasn’t feeling the flow.