Hey guys, Quick update camilla and i are changing what we are making. Instead of making a the stuffed pretzel cookie, we are going to make cake pops instead, but we are still keeping the chocolate milkshake.


For this week camilla and i are planning on catching up on the weekend and starting our iProject. We are making Chocolate cake pops, with a chocolate caramel milkshake.

I will need to prepare the tripod and all the ingredients before camilla comes over. The next step would be getting all the ingredients together and making sure we have all the right filming equipment so that we can get straight into filming then make sure we edit the whole thing in time.

We have created a shotlist of all the shots we will be taking. Mostly P.T.C and audio + text on screen.We have added a lot of P.T.C because we can’t do any other shots when cooking apart from us explaining how you do this and that. We will also be adding a bird’s eye view of what we will be making and showing you what we are making, the shotlist is down below.