Hey guys, this is my post where i share my learning from this week. 🙂


This week in writing i have been working on a seed called war, it’s about a dead soldier who gets a letter from her wife. She doesn’t know that he is dead… 🙁

Another seed i have been working on is savanna. It’s a poem about the things you see, feel, think and hear about all the things is a savanna.

This week in project maths we have been doing algebra, This week we have been assigned to make a algebraic equation using ( minus – Multiplication – division – Addition) So i came up with three (REALLY EASY ONES)

8×3 = 20 + 4

8+2 = 9 + 1

11 – 2 = 100 + 3

True or false?



On the 10\10\16, we went to the melbourne zoo.

My animal i am giving my voice to is the Bornean and sumatran orangutan, We firstly went to explore the orangutan, i first looked at them and watched them play, then i started to capture the gold moments when they were swinging from rope to rope. One time i caught one orangutan pooping..😅😅 We also went to see the other animals like the giraffe, baboon, monkeys, turtles, asian elephant, zebras, seals, meerkats, skunk, and many more.

When we got back to school we then tried to get all of our photos and videos onto our computers, the next day we had an inquiry session where we culled all of our footage and kept the golden moments.