On the 15/9/2016,

We had choice day, There were different activities, on a page and you had to number them from 1-6. My first choice was mosaic madness, (and i got that activity) where we create a mosaic of something creative eg the first letter of my name E.

Here is the information about mosaic madness

MOSAIC MADNESSemily-s-mosaic

Calling all arty and crafty children. Let’s create some magical mosaic madness! let your creative flair shine as you craft your own place mat from all the colors of the rainbow. 

First we had to draw a plan of the idea, then find some coloured tiles and place them onto the plan, then after that you stick them onto the big tile in order. First i stuck the tiles to fit my name but i ended up placing them wherever, i didnt have an idea for the background so i just ended up putting small round pearls on the outside and it turned out really cool.

We haven’t put the grout on the tiles, so we will get extra time at lunchtime next term to put it on.