Hey guys,

This term we have finished another iProject. My iProject was about melting crayons onto a canvas, so like melting wax with a hairdryer. This didn’t take long to do, i did 3 paintings/ design, and i bought 48 crayons (different colours) 3 canvisors (Small medium large) And blow dryed them so they could melt onto the canvas.

Yesterday we had our expo, where we shared our final pieces, i did fail on one of them, which was annoying. So We were put onto a table, and groups of 2/3 came over and watched/looked at our presentations. I actioned some of the feedback i had last time, ( 2 spelling mistakes and a bit of a wobbly camera) I made sure the camera was still the whole time. One person said they would try this project out, i was happy to see someone try my project.