At the start of the term we got told that we had a client, so we had to create a 90 second film of some parts in geelong that kids would love to go to. Our client makes films about places in geelong that look fun (mostly for adults) But we came up with something a little bit different, we decided that we could create a film By Kids For Kids! So we went to five places, Torquay, Supatramp, Leisurelink, Baliang Century and Eastern Beach.

Once we found out where we were going, we had to create a shortlist of what shots we will be taking, and where we will be taking them e.g I would like a close up of the beach with my partner jumping into the waves.

Next was our production, first we went to a soccer oval and got some tracking shot of my partner kicking the ball into the goals, next we went to the beach, filming panoramas of the beautiful beach, we then walked to the park and filmed people having fun on the swings and playing on the obstacles. After that we made our way to get ice-cream, even though all the ice-cream shops were closed, we went to Mcdonalds and ate ice-cream there.

We then got to bells beach and got some amazing shots of the orange cliffs, and some other shots of the water, while standing on top of a lookout.

When we got back, we culled, and converted our footage so it could work with corel, then we edited about 100 times, until it was perfect, Here is my feedback sheet, shotlist and my final product of my promo film.

feedback shotlist