Hey guys, in this post i will be explaining to you my learning this week.


In Project maths this week, for billiard ball bounces we had to find a rule. Or share a rule that we found, the way we shared out rules was on a shared word document, there were two columns, one was a rule you know is for sure true, and another one was for working out if it is true or not. Here was my rule (i put in two columns because i’m sure i was right, but then again i not sure..)


My rule is the bigger the grid size, the less bounces and the smaller the grid is the more bounces there are. But henry tested this with a full page grid size (27 x 18) and he had a really big number of bounces, But 5 x 10 works, it only has 7 bounces. Where as if it’s a 6 x 5 grid, it has 9 bounces.  


This week in english i have created a new seed called Darkness, It’s about a boy who is locked in a dungeon and doesn’t know how to get out, all of a sudden he hear a whisper, and it’s from a little boy who worked as a chiminea cleaner, but the boy can’t see anything, it turns out he is a ghost. We also went up to the enviro and i did some seeds about a tree, a blossom tree.



This week in inquiry we submitted our promo films, i am proud of the work i have done, i think the speed of the music/time when the photos come in, that could be better, but altogether i did well. The music choice was fine, and i think matched the mood. and i used enough of each place that we went to, where 6B went and 6C.