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August 2016

Reading log || Week 5A ||Term 3

Hey guys, this week i am going to do a reading log ? Task: Watching Words: Locate and record various words from your book which describe the following: Character                        … Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 4B || Term 3

Hey guys, this is my subjects post. I am explaining to you what i have learned this week. Maths: For maths this week we got two problem solving questions. The first question is about a girl went to the movies… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 4B || Term 3

Hey guys, i am doing another reading log. Book: 65 story-treehouse Task: Developing a Narrative: Choose a fiction book you have read recently. Think about the stages of this narrative – its Orientation, the Complication and the Resolution. What happened in… Continue Reading →

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