Hey guys, this is my subjects post about my learning this week.


This week in maths we have been revising our work for the test next week. I was revising on my BIDMAS, BIDMAS stands for Brackets, Indices, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. So the order you should do your calculations in is: Brackets. Indices.

I have been using a maths sheet with different questions using brackets, (Not indices) Division, Multiplication, addition and subtraction.

I had to add up the Division and multiplication first, then addition and subtraction from left to right.




Today in writing, I had my conference. I read out my piece called fear. It’s about a girl who’s in a nightmare, and she can’t get out of it, she is stuck in a hallway, a dark, scary and long hallway. I am also doing a second one on that piece because I’m not sure if it’s long enough.

Here is some of the feedback I got:

  • Make it a little bit longer, so we really get the feel of what it’s about.
  • What was the idea? What was the inspiration?
  • Make the middle a bit longer, because I like the ending.


I have also started a seed called two tailed beast, and it’s about a beast who has to human-eating tales, and is very creepy. I also linked on another TWO seeds, called salty tears, and scared children, Salty tears is about how it feels, tastes and what you think about them, scared children is about scared children that are poor, lonely and hungry. I might even mention salty tears in the piece.


This week in inquiry I started my Promo film, full off my footage and golden moments. I am proud of my photos and videos i had taken, becuase i caught a lot of golden moments, but most of their films, when for too long.. 🙁

My biggest challenge was getting the right timing, for each picture/video it was hard to figure out what golden moments i needed and how to have the right timing. I am also stuck with a big jump, so say tilly’s rock climbing, then all of a sudden it’s onto torquay.. But i need it like that because i don’t have any more clips to add in..