Hey guys, last week we started our 2nd country! My country is Zimbabwe.

I chose this country because i don’t know much about it, and the name sounded quite interesting. I also liked drawing the flag because it was easy.

What do the colours on the flag mean?

The yellow represents the country’s mineral wealth, the green represents the vegetation and the land resources, and the red represents the blood spilt during the liberation struggle, and black represents the black majority.



  1. Corn is ground into maize flour ( Mealie meal), then it’s made into thick porridges.
  2. Meat, onions, tomatoes, nuts or often made into sauces.


  1. Football, cricket, rugby, netball, field hockey and tennis are the most common sports in zimbabwe.
  2. Football- ‘The warriors’ Have qualified for the african cup twice in 2004-2006 .
  3. Tennis- Have qualified back in the 19 century twice. ZimbabweFlagImage1