Hey guys, this is my learning post, where i explain to you what learning i have done this week.


This week in project maths, when have been given a new project called billiard ball bounces, the aim of this project is to find out how many bounces/moves will it take until it gets in the hole. We had been given a different width and length of boards, like 3×4 so 3 down the sides, and 4 on the top. Then we would work out where each move/bounce would go, but only using a 45 degree angle.

What was the most difficult thing about this activity?

The most difficult thing about this activity was getting the 45 degree angle right, because if it wasn’t a 45 degree angle, then your lines would be very messed up and i wouldn’t work.


In english this week we focused decision. By decisions I mean what choices you should make, and not going to chose this decision just because your friends are doing it, because it’s what feels right to you.

One of the choices were:

Mcdonald’s? Or Steak?

I chose steak because..

  1. It’s the healthier option
  2. You can live off it
  3. You need a balance of red mat in your diet as well.

I know that Mcdonald’s has a lot of options, but what i think is that the chicken nuggets..ARE MADE OUT OF CHICKEN BONES! EWWWW



In inquiry this week, i have been up to culling and converting my photos/videos and making sure they are perfect. Culling means editing the photos or deleting the ones i don’t need. Converting means putting my videos into formatfactory, and converting them into to MP4s. i recently learned how to convert bye tom ( *SPECIAL MENTION* ) And have been helping everyone out with converting ever since.