Hey guys, this is my reading log. I will be sharing to you what i read, and what task we are doing.

Book: Parvana

Author: Deborah Ellis

TaskWho / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from a recently read book. Create at least 8 Who/What am I? quiz question. Ensure each clue adds information from the clue before, leading to the most obvious clue at the end.

  1.  A piece of cloth, that is wrapped around the head, and the upper body…
  2. Worn in mostly one part of the world..
  3. Only leaving the face exposed..
  4. Mostly worn Outside, if not all the time..
  5. Only worn by Women/Girls..
  6. Does not have sleves/buttons/arm holes…
  7. But, can be help up with hands, under arm, or with teeth..
  8. Mostly black
  9. Starts with a C _ _ _ _ _