Hey guys, I am updating you on my week 6B iProject post.

This weekend, I finished my iproject. To remind you, I have done my iProject on art, so I bought some crayons, and some canvases, then a hairdryer and some paint to draw the character at the bottom.

I started off with using the paint and a stamp, and practicing the angle of where I should stamp it. The next step was gluing the crayons at the top of the page. (So they stay on when i blow dry them.) Then I got the hair dryer and started to melt the crayons! They slowly started to melt and drip down the page.

Q: What was the hardest part about this project?
A: The hardest thing was probably getting the direction of melting the crayons, when i moved the dryer a certain way the wax from the crayons would go a different way. Another hard part was drawing the icecream, and umbrella. It was hard because i couldn’t get the right shape, luckily I did it on a draft piece of paper because I would’ve failed on the canvas, AND they are not cheap.