Hey guys, i am explaining to you my learning and my reflection of my learning for this week.



This week in english/writing, i have finished my 2 ‘FEAR’ Draft, and i’m thinking about some publishing ideas. I don’t just want to put it on black paper, and cut it out in a cool shape, i want to think of a creative idea. Like a splatter effect, or a pop out book, with like a creepy thing popping out.






This week in inquiry we went to supertramp, At super tramp we got lots of footage of Tilly rock climbing, the bad thing was that we were wasting a bit of time, it would be better if we used our shot list, then we went onto the trampolines and finished out work there, some of the tricks i did were, arel, front flip, paranie and front handspring. We were also thinking of a shot where its slow motion then normal, like a cool effect.