Hey guys, this is my reading log, where i will be sharing all my learning and my reflection about my reading.

Book: BFG -Roald Dahl


Preparation for BOOK WEEK: Next week we have Book Week. What was your favourite story / book when you were younger? Find the book/ story, answer the following question and have it ready to bring next week to share with the class.

  1. What makes this book your favourite?
    This book is my favourite because of the BFG’s language, my favourite word he uses in the book, is ‘Human beans
  2. Who used to read it to you the most? Why?
    I used to read it aloud to myself when i was younger, but heaps of the time my mum would read it. I Always got her to read it to me, because on how she used to pronounce the words that the BFG says, like snozzcumber, It took her a while to understand that word.

3. What age were you when you first heard the book / story?                                                                                                         I was around 6 when My mum started to read it to me.

4.Who is your favourite character and why?                                                                                                                                      My favourite character was the BFG, because of his use of words, like Snozzcumber.

5. How did the book make you feel?                                                                                                                                                      The book made me feel happy, and it felt like i was in my own world reading it. i also loved the part when he                   said that the people from turkey taste like turkey, and the people from grease tasted greasy, the people from                 wales, tasted fishy. ??