Hey guys, this is my subjects post. I am explaining to you what i have learned this week.


For maths this week we got two problem solving questions. The first question is about a girl went to the movies for $9.50, then spent half of the remaining money on jogging shoes. Then she bought her lunch for $5, after that she spent half her remaining money on a skirt. She had $14 left over how much money did she spend in total? The second question is a school installs an intercom (Loudspeaker, goes from room to room.) system. There is 20 classrooms 2 staff rooms and one main office, Each room is connected individually. How many connections are there?


This week in inquiry we have been chosen to do a geelong and bellarine promo film about geelong. My class (6A) are going to supertramp, and torquay. At supertramp, some of the shots we will be taking are…

  • Worms eye view of tilly climbing on of the rock climbing walls.
  • Fast motion the slow motion when i do a aerial, then fast motion again.
  • Time lapse, of someone jumping on trampoline having fun doing tricks.
  • One of us getting ice cream from the CafĂ©. (MAYBE)


This week in writer’s workshop i am doing a procedural text about how to draw a koala. A orucedual text is where YouR giving instructions to the reader/audience. Like put 200g of sugar into a large orange bowl. Today we did one with Miss Torney, and she brought in bread, marmalade, butter a knife and a plate. She told us to tell her what to do in a procedural text. Like open the packet of bread and put two slices onto the plate. Open the butter and spread it evenly with a knife, onto the bread. Open the marmalade and spread it evenly onto the bread as well. Then fold the two slices together, cut through the middle and eat it.