Hey guys! In this post, i will be explaining to you what i have learned this week.


Today in maths my class did the task building views on maths300, on maths300 we had to copy the building that it gave us, there were different views like, left view, right view, back view and front view Ex-ray and compare, ex-ray is where you can look through the blocks to see if there is anything behind it, like say there were 4 blocks, you could ex-ray it and find a 2 behind it. Compare is a view that if you put a block down on your grid, it comes up with the block you put down, so you can see if you have put the blocks in the right spot.


English – Writing:

Today in writing i focused on editing my piece from the confrence i had. Like the constructive. Some of the constructive i had was:

  • Maybe make it a mystery about what you are eating
  • Change the middle to, soft smooth, firm and strong
  • Don’t say apple at the end, leave it a mystery

What i wanted to change – title:

  • Bump, dots and bruises
  • Who am i?
  • What am I?
  • Guess who?


This week in inquiry we have been asked to make a promo film for Geelong and bellarine.. Geelong and the bellarine are a people that make promo films for geelong, convincing people to come down. They also do promo films for ocean grove, barwon heads, and some cafe’s. The taskĀ is called by kids for kids, were us kids, are telling other kids to go to these places to have fun etc.