Hey everyone, this week I will be sharing what I have learned this week. Including



Today in maths we have been focusing on this new project, it’s to do with problem solving. Each fortnight we will be given a problem to solve in our new problem solving book. You have a few days to complete this task with the key information from the question, and a diagram. This week we have been given a task that involves a snail, and a well. The key information would be…

  • Frog stuck in a well
  • 10 metre well
  • Slides down 2 metres every night
  • Travels 3 metres up the well every day. And I have put a diagram as well.

One of the questions were:
How many days, till he gets out?




This week in inquiry we have been doing a Digital Citizenship task, in my other blog post you have heard about it but I am going to update you on what has been happening. So I have done a story clip on it and put in photos that are related to it, so facebook, and a girl in bikinis stuff like that. BUT I forgot to see three people before I got to go to Mrs Stafford, so I rendered it and I forgot the music, also I copyrighted some of the photo’s (When they are already water marked) so I had to find different photos 🙁 , Then I deleted my work, so I had to pretty much start all over again! Also I forgot the music, so I rendered it THREE times…..

But we have it now, and all I need to do is a blog post, and post the video on there.



This week in writing we learned how to do Procedure writing, Procedure writing is like a how to, or instructions for writing piece on how to do something.

This week I was working on a piece about cooking, and working out the instructions, ingredients and the method.

So The ingreediants would be like one cup of happiness, 300g of Humor. That’s what my piece is about.