Hey guys! I am doing another reading blog. This time I am reading a different book.


Theme: Choose a recently read book. What morals or messages do you think the author was trying to impart to the reader? Explain, giving examples from the book.


This week I am reading a book called ‘Divergent’

It’s about a girl called Beatrice, but they call her Tris, and she tries to find what tribe she is in. Say a smart group, Helpful group, or dare devil group, the dare devil group its actually training them to become strong and confident.

Tris is a Divergent which means when you take a test, to see if you are a divergent or not. They know it’s not real, so they find ways to get out of it. Whereas if u went a divergent, you would be scared to hell. Some of the people know that she is a divergent, but if the leader knows, they will kill her.


The message in this book is for people to make people be strong and confident. Like Tris, They also what to get across is that even if your different, people shouldn’t judge you, they should treat you equally as everyone else.