Hey all, i am coming to you with another post, this time it’s about my learning, what i have learnt.


This week we have been doing a project called Cyber safety, and for this project we have to do a story on online scenarios, like mine, a girl called grace who reveals to much of her information, like where she lives, he school and her age.  She then realizes that this isn’t safe, then her sister gets on in this act. The sister tells their mother and so on.. We have been focusing on other things like their permission, asking parents to download, or sign up for these apps, also protect, and privacy, that’s about keeping your information safe, also not bullying back to that bully, tell an adult.


In writing this week we have been focusing on seeds, and producing good stories, and creative ways to publish your writing. i am working on a seed about this girl called grace AGAIN.. and she is a bad spirit, but if she gives, not takes she may come back to life and be a human again, but she can’t stop killing people.. (Thats sounds weird..)  One day this beautiful family come and buy the house where the bad spirit grace lives…


In music this week we are working on a rap, a positivity rap that’s about resilience, and pushing through those days where you feel alone, where its just a bad day, we have been asked to be paired with someone, and i went with alice, we then wrote down different themes like to always take risks


This week in maths we have been doing building views, something where you grab 5 to 30 blocks, and you make a building on a 4 by 4 grid, with instructions.

we have been focusing on section 2 at the moment, so i will tell you about that. Section two is about reading what the diagram says, and copying it onto the table. You have 15 blocks so you have to make the sculpture out of 15 blocks, then you take off as many as you can, but it still has to hold that shape.

There is also something called Front view and side view, where you have to look at it from the front, and from the back. But you cannot ruin the shape. it has to stay the same each way, so if it doesn’t look like the diagram one way, you have to change it so it looks like that.

there is also something called maximum, minimum and possibilities. Maximum is where how many blocks you can fit in a 4 by 4 grid, and we only have 15 blocks so 15 is your answer. Then the minimum is how many could you take off, without losing its shape both ways, And possibilities are how many of those diagrams can you do.

What i found difficult was how many possibilities could you do, because i could only do the one. but once you swapped the tiniest little thing, it counts as a possibility.