Hey guys! This week i am doing another reading log, and this time it’s going to get a little more interesting….


Task: Term Three Goals: What new genres would you like to explore? and why? What reading routine will you follow this term? What other reading goals do you have?

I am going to focus on the mystery genre this term because it gets me involved and makes me want to read more, like who doesn’t love a good murder? It’s always fun to read these books because they are not just good for reading in your head, they are fun to get to know while reading aloud.

I Would like to start reading every-night to get my brain thinking and to make my vocabulary expand, it also gets me tired when i’m up at night trying to get to sleep. But you know what i hate..Finishing a good book, and there isn’t a second one! UGHHHHH so annoying!! and they just leave you there…

My other reading goal is to pick out a few books i like, so when i finish one, i won’t have to go back to the library and spent a long time looking for another book.