Hey guys, this term we are doing another iproject, iprojects are something where you share your hobbies, or new skills of that hobby, for example, my iproject is about netball, so i might do a skill, like when playing GS (goal shooter) i have could do a split, when i open my legs and front way and then i lift one foot up and move back..Also when doing cooking, you could say i’m making a cake, but the main part would be how to decorate the cake. So it’s a big idea made into a smaller idea. These are my ideas down below

  1. Netball split (it’s a skill) 
  2. Tennis (doing a skill) 
  3. Making bracelets (i have never made bracelets before…) 
  4. blow drying crayons into a art design. 


Comment down below what you would like to see me do!