IMG_5625Hi all,

Today we had a iproject expo, where some people share their iprojects, and i was one of them. My iproject is about cooking as you know from my previous post’s, but i only showed the chocolate roulade, not the jelly because that would take like 100 slide’s, oh and talking about slide’s…I was going to do my cooking film on corel, but i couldn’t add another video in! it didn’t have the MAX videos…it just didn’t let me! 🙁

So i used Powerpoint, it worked like a charm, much better and i am glad i used that because i could write on the page/slide, easier than corel because you have to CLICK SO MANY BUTTONS!!!!!


So We were put onto a table, and groups of 2/3 came over and watched/looked at our presentations. All the people who came to mine found 2 spelling mistakes, and a bit of a wobbly camera, i will take on this constructive feed-back and make sure that doesn’t happen for next terms iProject.

They also felt REALLY hungry after it.. They thought it was cool how there was a swirl in it, and how we made the cream, they also liked the bloopers because i showed some of them to them..and Astrid laughed her head off in one..

Here is one of the bloopers: