Hi all, this post is about all the learning i have been through in week 9B


In TED so far we have to make a story clip, then add photos to it, so read out the script then add photos that relate to it. I have done my recording now i’m just looking for some photos (of my family) 

I am struggling to find them because none of my family members have time to show me, so i’m gonna be stressed when we have to hand it in. 


This week in maths we are working on TAYLOR SWIFT only because we are numbering how many people could’ve bought the tickets e.g In Bossier City there were 12,459 people that went/bought tickets. 

Then we had to make a chart on all of the city’s and make it pretty of course, and it looks like this…



This week in writing i have done a seed about my grandparents, well grandpa’s teeth. and i described how i feel the spit, i hear the clenching, i think about how they were made, i smell the rot of his old teeth…and hopefully next week i can start a draft so that i can publish it after…the conference.