Hey guys, this is my subject post!



On friday we submitted our SECOND draft, but i didn’t do to much change it, because all i need to do is make a powerpoint showing my family, and my grandparents. I am struggling for the photos because my dad won’t answer my emails! :(, we also did a feedback session for period 1, and 2. The feedback i had was:

  1. Lots of names, who’s who?
  2. Names
  3. Names
  4. Making making it more hard hitting about the message
  5. The message needs to be stronger, also maybe the names, fix up a powerpoint to show who’s who.



For maths this week i went to TWO guru sessions, I went to Mr. Henderson first. So in his session we did portability, using a number line and things that could happen, so as: What is the Chance that it will rain tomorrow? there’s Definitely, Maybe, less likely, or definitely not. I chose maybe because it is 50/50 and it was cold..so i put that down onto the numberline. 

Mrs.Stafford’s Guru Session: 

In her session she was talking about the same thing almost, but it was about making fractions, using chance, we converted fractions into decimals.  (sorry it’s hard to explain, i hope you got it anyways)



In writing i am currently Publishing a piece called: The meadow

it’s about all the senses i have about the fresh grass, the harsh wind, dust storms etc. i think i work better by the teacher showing a picture, then writing a seed or an actual piece about it. It’s hard thinking of a seed, when you have done one about your passion (netball) and sport is hard, and also about nature, death etc.

could you maybe write an idea in the comments?