Hello reader’s! 

This week i am reading a book called: Danny the champion of the world…

The author is: Roald Dahl

The tast is: Book Recommendation: Choose a recently read book to recommend to others. Explain your choice. 

I have read it before, so i know what it is about. 

I strongly recommend this book because i have read it about 5 times, and i have loved it all the times i have read it, i read it in year 3 two times, in year 4 one time, and in year 5, i read it another 2 times. Yeah, crazy right. I also love it because it has a lot of meaning in it and feelings that make me feel happy, and sad. its also very detailed

it’s about a boy, who is born with no mother (she died after his birth) and his father was practically just like a mum, changed his nappy, gave him food, washed him etc. Danny and his father both work at a family business, A motor store also a petrol station. They live in a small caravan, only very very small (but it’s better than nothing) . But his dad has a wicked secret…. he likes to catch\shoot pheasants!


Thats all i’m gonna say for now, but i hope you enjoyed reading this post!

bye for now!!!