hey guys!

This blog post is about all the important subjects i have been doing this week. 


Idea: My grandparents. 

for the TED talk this week, i am adding to my script. the things i am adding are the ‘actual’ story about what happened before i even knew my grandparents. one of the things that i am stunned about is that my mother sort of new him, and she called him ‘uncle charles’…


in music we are creating a video, well not an actual video we are getting video from the internet, say a cat video and then we add sound effects or music too it, but i can’t do that activity yet because i’m am still working on my haunted house mix. the haunted house mix is where there is a video of a haunted house, then you add scary music to it. there is a lightning strike in it so i am working on a big bang that goes with the lighting strike.  


in writing i am have just published my piece called: Black blood. it’s about a girl who bleeds out of her ears eyes nose and mouth, she is sketle very sick..

where did i get this idea?

from alice, she has wicked stories she tells me and i love making meaningful writing pieces about them. she is also a great drawer, so when it came to publishing the piece of my ‘black blood’ she help me with the drawing of the sick little girl. 



for maths we did a post-test, where we got tested at the start of the term, then we would take guru sessions and get to know fraction, decimals and percentages. on the pre-test i didn’t do to well, but i was much more confident with my answers in the post-test, and i put more answers down, than in the pre-test. 

Also in maths we did a round-robin sort of thing, where we go around to different spaces and it has some activities on it. e.g,

A $0.01 

B $0.02

C $o.o3

who has the biggest number form in the class? my first try was barnaby because he almost has the most letters in the class, then i tried spencer and he had 90..something..but it can’t go over $20 So T is the limit. we can’t go further than that.