Hey guys, this is what i have been up to in school this week:

Writing: I have just conferenced a piece, it’s called Black blood…It’s about a girl who is sick, and she bleeds black blood. Out of her ears, eyes nose and body. (Yes that sounds disgusting) She is trapped like this, and  cant get her way out of this horrible infection. she’s Skeletal, she, is dead…(That isn’t the poem, that’s a short nutshell of what it’s about.) Things i could work on: Maybe taking out the “I, am dead” Two people just don’t like this piece altogether, but i think it’s meant to make your tingle, it’s meant to make you feel grossed out..that’s the message 

Maths: We are starting a new project about ‘cuisenaire rods’  they are thick rods, that you use for fractions (i think) like two of the yellow (1/2) rods fit the orange. We are doing a document about what types of rods, fit the bigger rods, also naming them the correct way, so they don’t get mixed up (someone in our class, did them a different color to what they really are so that when it comes to naming, it would be light green against purple..)

Drama: In drama we are doing a wakakirri dance, where you make a story up, to a specific type of music, and its mood. say if it was slow, and dark, also loney, you might want to do it about depression. or you can just make a random story, it doesn’t have to be a powerful message. Our groups song is animals by martin garrix, and we are going to have 3 monsters bullying these other 3 people, then the ones who are being bullied come back and fight back.