HI guys, this post is about my grandparents coming to geelong, from london.

My biological Grandpa and his partner, came to visit from london, ¬†they got in touch with my dad, by facebook. they started to get to know each other, and talk about my mother, soon enough they came to geelong by half surprise, (they told me on the way to my brothers running relay) i was soooo excited! so when they came, we have a 3 story house so they stayed at the bottom part and i was listerning to the floor waiting for them to come up LOL!!!!! we spent some great weekends together and they even came in the pool with us! wow, at the end of this wonderful time, soon they had to leave (but luckily they left christmas presents) we had to say good bye, and they left BUT we still keep in touch and i can’t wait to go other to see them or for them to come back.