Hey! This is my reading log..

Title: Gangsta granny 

Author: David Walliams 

Task: To find out 8 facts about this author.


  1. Author – he has written 6 books (i have read all of them..) all different topics like: Gangsta granny, the boy in the dress, demon dentist, awful auntie, Mr Stink and Rat burger.  
  2. His full name is – David Edward Walliams.
  3. Born: August 20, 1971 (age: 44) London Borough of merton, United Kingdom. 
  4. Married to: Lara Stone.
  5. Was a judge on Britain’s Got talent. 
  6. Children: Alfred Walliams 
  7. David was also in a few other movies such as: Pudsey the dog, great expectations, stardust, mamaduke, the chronicles of narnia, Mr stink (The movie) etc. 
  8. Tv shows: Britins Got Talent, eastenders, partners in crime, the royal bodyguard, etc.