Hey all!

This post is about what i have been into this week! hope you enjoy..

Inquiry- TED, For TED we got 2 choices. 1 Make a script for you TED story, 2 really find what your TED talk is about. i went to figuring out my TED story. My TED story is about my grandparents, and how not many kids don’t have parents or grandparents! i think that it is important to respect them because they all have great pleasures, my ‘New’ grandparents came all the way from swansea and they sun bake near the pool, go in the pool, Comes shopping with us, comes to see our sport games. And yes, most of your grandparents might do those things, but they are very special to me because i only meet them last year.

Puppy School!- On tuesday night i went to puppy school, Because we have a new puppy called Toby. He is very naughty and likes to bite and play, this time in puppy school, We taught him how to drop, also to meet his fellow friends again. You have to make the dog sit, then give a treat for sitting, then position the cheese (Or treat) STRAIGHT down, then forward. Make sure do this a couple of times, When he drops to the floor on his belly, Say “Drop” keep doing that and you can make him sit, put the cheese on the floor and say drop.  

Maths- In maths i went to Mrs. Stafford’s class. In that class we learned how to change improper fractions, into mixed numerals, or the other way around. My learning in that lesson was- You have 3 2/5, you need to x’s the denominator (5) by 3, so 5, 10, 15. 15 will be your answer, then you plus the numerator (By 2) Then your answer will be, 17/5. 

Music- In music we are doing MIXCRAFT! It’s a whole bag of fun because your get to mix sounds, or effects together and make sure they sound great, for you to save on a MP3 file. I will be attaching my music onto this blog post (If i can) The tasks i will be saving are, task 1 and two. Hope you enjoy <3                                                                                                                                                                               Task 1

                                                                                 Task 2