Title: The fault in our stars

Author: John Green

This week i have a question, That i shall answer. BUT i will be explaining about my new book too!!!! 

Question: Events: Choose a book you have finished. Think about the sequence of events in the story. Sequence the events from 1 – 10. No more or no less.

My book, is about Fault in our stars <3

  • Hazel grace Lancaster is diagnosed with lung cancer, so she can’t breath ‘real’ air
  • Hazel is being forced to go to support group.
  • Hazel meets Augustus waters.
  • Augustus Waters is diagnosed with cancer as well.
  • His/her’s (called oscar) friend has eye cancer, so he has to get surgery on his eye to get it out (YUCK)
  • Oscars girlfriend breaks up with him, because he is going to become blind.
  •  Hazel falls in love with with Augustus
  • Hazel and Augustus Amsterdam to go see Hazel grace’s favorite author
  • Hazel Grace and Augustus waters, fall in love and become TOGETHER
  • Augustus waters has then gets cancer in his full body then dies..