The task we have been set to do, is to make a shape animation, using stop motion on Corel.  Our story line was DJ (Daniel) Proposing to Miss Torney. (Georgia)  They would go on a honey moon, to the moon (HA HA) Then they would get stuck on the moon, and live there with their alien friends. Shape: Octerhedron

1.What did you do well?

We thought we worked with each other really well, we took in turns of using the camera, and taking the photos. also creating the Pictures of the characters.

 2. How did you work as a group? 

we work very well, we shared the ideas and the camera, also taking the photos. Alice did most of the drawing because i think she could be an artiest! but we still helped.

  3. Does your story-line highlight your shape and its features?

yes very clearly, because we used a voice over and a speech bubble! Also we made it into a net, so that its clear on how we make it.

  4. What could you improve?

i think we could improve on the voice over, and how long it takes/ making sure it times well with the actual story. and also making the pictures slower.

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