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May 2016

Subjects ||week 7A|| term 2

hey guys! This blog post is about all the important subjects i have been doing this week.  TED:  Idea: My grandparents.  for the TED talk this week, i am adding to my script. the things i am adding are the… Continue Reading →

reading log

hey guys! This blog post is about one of my books called: ‘gangsta granny’ author: David Walliams the task is: Poetry: Choose a character, setting, event or whole book as inspiration to create a poem. Use any style you like… Continue Reading →

Subjects || Week 6B || Term 2

Hey guys, this is what i have been up to in school this week: Writing: I have just conferenced a piece, it’s called Black blood…It’s about a girl who is sick, and she bleeds black blood. Out of her ears,… Continue Reading →


HI guys, this post is about my grandparents coming to geelong, from london. My biological Grandpa and his partner, came to visit from london,  they got in touch with my dad, by facebook. they started to get to know each… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 6B || Term 2

Hey! This is my reading log.. Title: Gangsta granny  Author: David Walliams  Task: To find out 8 facts about this author. Facts… Author – he has written 6 books (i have read all of them..) all different topics like: Gangsta… Continue Reading →

Personal + Subjects

Hey all! This post is about what i have been into this week! hope you enjoy.. Inquiry- TED, For TED we got 2 choices. 1 Make a script for you TED story, 2 really find what your TED talk is… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 5A || Term 2

Title of book: The fault in our stars <3 Author: John Green Watching Words: Locate 6 interesting words from the books you read this week. These might be words that challenged you, words that were new or words that describe… Continue Reading →

PLAN OF ATTACK!!!!! || Passion Project

HI guys, i am updating you on my passion project!   MY plan is….. Cooking/Baking! I have always wanted to learn about cooking and how the oven works (With a little help from my mum and sister) I am deciding… Continue Reading →

Reading log || Week 4B || Term 3

Title: The fault in our stars Author: John Green This week i have a question, That i shall answer. BUT i will be explaining about my new book too!!!!  Question: Events: Choose a book you have finished. Think about the sequence… Continue Reading →

Shape Animations

The task we have been set to do, is to make a shape animation, using stop motion on Corel.  Our story line was DJ (Daniel) Proposing to Miss Torney. (Georgia)  They would go on a honey moon, to the moon… Continue Reading →

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