Hey all!

This week i have been up to some great stuff!


  • Netball- Monarchs- Positions- ┬áC (center) GS (Goal Shooter) WA (Wing Attack) GK (Goal Keeper)- Won
  • Chapel- This Wednesday in chapel we talk about character, How some celebrates make a mistake, and we think “Oh What a character” The saying. And be your own Character, We are all trees and whatever comes out our mouths reflects on our character. So saying “OH look its a lemon tree and it has lemons”.
  • Reading- Reading a new book, Called the fault in our stars. About a girls who has Cancer and meets another guy who has cancer, and they fall in love.
  • Music- We had to vote on our songs, for House music. Then We made some mixes on Mix-craft.
  • Group Maths- The group i did on Wednesday was with Mr henderson, and we learned about, When and how to use factors.
  • TED talks- today we Talked about TED, How this 12-year-old kid made some apps, And how kids should open up and try to make an app, and how helpful it could be. And to also follow their passion.