HI again!

New book Tittle: The fault in our stars

I have a new book this week, it is an amazing book! I have also seen the movie. I really recommend this book. (This book is red dotted in the TGC Library, I got it from my sister.)

What makes it Grab the reader in about the front cover:

Positives Minuses Interesting Color
  • Color on front cover.                Big words.                                                On Pictures.
  • Detail on whats going.                                                                                also on front cover.

Things about The fault in our stars:

The story is based on cancer, There is a girl called Hazel Grace Lancaster, And she has cancer in her lungs, so there was water in her lungs, so now she needs to have a gas tank because she cant breath out of her mouth.. When she turned 15 she had to go to a support group. And there are people in that group that also have cancer. there is a guy called Issac, who had cancer in his eye, currently he has a glass eye, soon he will be getting surgery to the eye. There is another guy called Augustus Waters, and he has cancer. They soon become Attracted to each other and go on a trip to Amsterdam, And they meet Hazels favorite author. He goes crazy then kicks them out…

The story goes on…….